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Waste Oil Collection



 We are registered with the Environment Agency as a Waste Carrier!
  • Used cooking oil is classified as a waste, whilst being non-hazardous there is still legislation in place covering its disposal. Anyone disposing of waste edible oil or fat has to ensure that they are doing so in a legal and responsible manner. Your waste oil or fat must be transferred to a leak proof container clearly marked - "Not for Human Consumption"
  • As a producer of cooking oil waste you are required to ensure that your waste oil is collected by a Licensed Waste Carrier - this ensures that it is disposed of correctly, and a waste transfer note will be issued to you which can then be shown to any authorities that require you to demonstrate that the correct disposal requirements are being followed. This paperwork must be retained by you for at least 2 years.
  • A clean, re-sealable barrel can be left with you to pour your waste oil into, this keeps your premises tidy and grease free preventing problems with vermin and spillages. The barrel is then collected on a regular basis or upon your request and a clean barrel left.
  • We will give you a receipt with our Waste Carrier number on, which can be shown to Environment officers as proof of how your waste oil is legally disposed of.